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Reach for the stars…


“‘Black’ is an abundant place-name element

and occurs both in the ‘high places’ and at all track points.

The New English Dictionary describes it as, ‘a word of complicated history.’

It seems to derive from ‘blake’ and ‘blac’

which in Anglo-Saxon times meant, ‘shining, pale, white’,

and whose root gives us both ‘bleach’ and ‘bleak’.

The Slavonic languages have ‘blag’ as an element

meaning, ‘blessed’ or ‘light-given’.

Most ‘Black’ places, then, are not so named for being colourless

but because they are sites of especial sacred reverence.”

Count Jack Black


Rising Above Adversity: A Flying Dream

Not Tomatoes

Last night I dreamt I was flying. I was in a sporting good’s store, and on my way to the check-out register, but let me back up a bit. Before I started flying, I had been with Ann and Margo, two characters from my memoir, A Girl Named Truth. Briefly, I was fourteen again, and I could overhear my two former friends gossiping about me.  Instead of keeping silent, though, and internalizing my hurt, I spoke up. “I know what you’re saying,” I told them, “and I really don’t care.” And, truthfully, I didn’t.  Something inside of me had changed. I had become detached from the weight of their words, realizing they did not define me.

As I walked away, my feet began to lift off the ground and I began to fly. Effortlessly, and with a joy that defies gravity, I navigated my way to the front of the…

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