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The Mystic’s Journey


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Does the Soul contemplate their fate and decide to take action and use the key? Or, do they seek solace within the walls of their prison, fearful of what truly lies within?

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The Soul sits for a while longer, questions their perception of the world. They hear a faint sound, of familiar voices hovering deep within the mind. The meaning of their messages is all but forgotten, drowned by the sounds of worldly matters. Yet, the words are not forgotten, cannot be forgotten. Where does this leave them?

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A fire burns within the Soul, consumes doubts and insecurities, leaves no room for inertia and stagnation. All matter in the Universe vibrates, is in perpetual motion, why then does the Soul hesitate?  Is it fearful of what approaches, of what threatens to keep it  enmeshed in earth and bound by roots? The dance beckons, opens the door…

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