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Listening To Your Life

existential ergonomics

My good friend recently went through a breakup, and her therapist suggested that maybe she didn’t listen to her inner voice when entering the relationship; maybe she ignored the little voice that told her that he wasn’t a great fit. I think may of us do just that when it comes to our relationships, jobs, school, actions, and words.

We know, on a deep level, that our job sucks and our relationship is going nowhere. We recognize that our career aspirations don’t line up with with our parents’ expectations, and that the shouting match earlier did more harm than good. We often choose to ignore the little voice in our head that reminds us to be kind, to be brave, and to follow our heart.

I recently came across the below quote, and it reminded me of my friend and her post-breakup mission of building up her self-belief and defining…

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