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…It was, after all, rather disconcerting to be thus accosted by a total stranger…

“Does this count?” He demanded, ferociously, and pushed an admittedly intriguing photograph across the bar at us.

“Does that count as what?”

“One of them ‘Black’ places”

“Well, it might do, what is it?”

“It’s one of them there mounds.”

“Is it really, it looks just like a pyramid of light?”

“That’s why I was thinking it might count.”

“Strictly speaking, in order ‘to count’ it would have to be called ‘Black-something’ or ‘Something-black’. Does it have a name?

“Oh aye, it’s got a name alright.”

“And that name is?”


And at that, the Red-Lion, or so it seemed to us, burst into a collective paroxysm of laughter…



Putting the Stones to Bed

Mountains, Myths and Moorlands

Killin circle in the Scottish Highlands

Welcome – and thank you for joining me. This new blog is a continuation from my old, now defunct blog ‘Walking With A Smacked Pentax‘ – which if you have viewed it’s last post you will know why I have started this one. More info can be found in the ‘About’ Page. I hope you like this new one as much as you have enjoyed the last one, and will stay and accompany me on my new journey. Anyway, on with the show!


Scotland has many ancient remains.

During my frequent excursions to this wonderful land, I come across – nay, actively seek out the ancient and mysterious. Stone circles are my favourite, and scotland has some of the finest. This is Killin circle, nr. Loch Tay. It isn’t actually the subject of this particular post, but it serves to…

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