Daily Archives: June 12, 2018

The sacredness of pigs…


… “Vesica’s ‘inscribed’ on the landscape.”

¬†“It is fraught with difficulties…”

“…For the rational mind, I agree.”

“How do you forge a compass big enough, for one thing, and how would you then use it, for another…”

“Maybe you wouldn’t need to.”

“I was being slightly ironic.”

“Compasses are made out of steel…

If it was set out early enough there would be hardly any buildings.

A peg and rope would be sufficient.”

“An extremely long rope… or a couple of sighting staves held aloft.”

“Maybe these things are already there and just need bringing out.”

“A case of seeking rather than imposing.”

“I like that.”

“There is a snippet floating through my mind.”

“I dare hardly ask?”

“It has to do with the sacredness of pigs.”

“I knew this was a bad idea.”

“Allegedly, they ‘sniffed out’ sacred places like truffles.”

“I like pigs.”

“Me too.”

“If ‘sacrality’ is sensed.”

“Rather than designated.”

“Then ‘sacrality’ can be dowsed.”

“Anything can be dowsed.”

“So long as you know what you are looking for.”

“Sounds to me like ‘our sacrality’ is a form of energy.”

“Was that ever seriously in question?”

“So much for the how?”

“Now, for the why?” …