Back in the low slung car I stare into the gloom.

A quiet has descended with the mist.

It is the silence that preludes any portentous event.

The car lurches and veers suddenly and we bounce up a dirt track and skid to a halt at the foot of Dragon Hill.

“You didn’t mean to come this way did you?”

“This way, that way…what does it matter?”

“Who knows?”

It is my turn to look mysterious as we set off up the hillock.

The chill snags my breath as we climb and the mist swirls and eddies, clinging to our legs and arms like star stuff.

I nearly lose my balance a number of times for no apparent reason, a sure sign if one were needed that we are approaching the numinous…


7 thoughts on “Signatures…

    1. Thank you very kindly. Doing this study and looking things up helps me even when someone gives me some not-so-great news. I have also really enjoyed going back and rereading Gilgamesh. It is such an important piece of literature and so full of truly great wisdom that I can’t understand why we never studied it in school. I read a lot of other writings about it too and between all of them, I have learned so much and corrected some erroneous thinking. How incredible that so very long ago, the person writing this epic tale had such a fantastic perspective of the world and the sacred environment and the way people dealt with it.

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