Magical Elements II…


… Most people, if asked, would claim to be familiar with these elements largely because in the physical world they can recognise substances which, today, go by that name.

“I know what earth, air, fire and water are,” they might haughtily declare before moving on to something infinitely more befitting their lofty opinion of themselves.

But they would be wrong.

Nobody knows what they are.

We may be able to recognise them and in some instances we may also be able to predict what they will do, how they will operate, what results will follow from their mutual interactions, but we do not know what they are are, anymore than we can ever claim to know what electricity is, except, perhaps, in very vague terms…

Electricity is a force of nature which can be harnassed…

The Elements are forces of nature which can be harnassed…

So mysterious are these forces that some mystical schools refuse to call them elements at all, referring to them, instead, as principles.

For modern man this mystery is a failing, so it is not accepted and certainly not talked about…

For ancient man this mystery was a joy, embraced with open arms, and became something of a raison d’etre.

The ancients never tired of observing the kaleidoscopic interplay of these forces constantly taking place around them.

Consequently, they discovered some pretty amazing things about them.

They called this study, Alchemy…




11 thoughts on “Magical Elements II…

  1. This one is fascinating. I looked up alchemy symbols, and there are some 24 pages of them and besides earth, air, fire and water, other symbols that I picked for my own liking were the symbol for essence, the symbol for the philosopher’s stone, and spiritus, but my favorite of all, and perhaps one of the most significant for me at least, is that eight-pointed star, the rose star or compass star. The number eight is very significant as when it is on its side, it represents infinity, and also the yin and yang, or balance. What I am writing here may have nothing to do at all with this post, but for me, it was a meaningful step in my learning. I have always been intrigued with the practice of alchemy, for it is a form of science, but the soul and the emotions are involved – it is what I might think of as a holistic practice of science, and it attempts to know those things beyond our everyday experiences. I so enjoyed this journey into the topic of alchemy, and I am new to all of this, but I think it figures into our studies. I have to look up the number 12 as well, for it keeps appearing in a lot of symbolic contexts related to the underground. For certain I will not shrivel up of boredom in this study whether I am right in my conclusions or wrong. The fun is in the journey!

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  2. I have been rereading Gilgamesh, and all the writings about that epic tale, and I think our great, great, great, great, great (and on and on for many centuries) ancestors were so much more in touch with so many things like the environment, love, life, consciousness, and spirituality than we perhaps ever will be (or at least the large population of the world will ever be). They understood how precious and sacred the world is. Incredible! I am glad that through whatever means it happened, there are still places on this earth with sacred structures, sacred trees, and sacred things in nature.

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      1. I have thought of writing letters to some of the leaders in this world and asking them to work together for the benefit of our earth, but I am afraid any words to that effect would fall on deaf ears. The day will come though when they will have no choice but to turn efforts to saving what little is left. I liked when I read that the Gods used to do the work of men, plowing the earth, planting, etc. Hope you are all enjoying your week.

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