Magical Elements III…


… Alchemy is the oldest science known to Man.

The Ancient who first cast a weather eye at the heavens, licked a finger and held it aloft in the sky in order to ascertain which way the wind did blow… was an Alchemist.


One of the first things the Alchemists noticed about the elements was their mutability…

They seemed to be caught up in an endless round of transmutation and were forever striving to become each other.

That apart, they were incredibly stable in themselves, and also incredibly dynamic!


Small wonder, then, that the equilateral triangle presented itself as a fitting symbol of their being.

To lessen the confusion between Fire and Water and to accentuate the difference between Earth and Air, the Alchemists coloured their symbols…


4 thoughts on “Magical Elements III…

  1. I think I would have been a primitive alchemist. They were so amazing with their knowledge and the things they could do. I love the idea of transforming things and especially transforming our own selves.

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