Magical Elements: Enfoldment…


…These observations led the Alchemists to conceive

a set of qualities for the Magical Elements

which would  explain their transmutation from one to the other.


Earth is Cold and Dry

Water is Cold and Moist

Air is Moist and Hot

Fire is Hot and Dry


Make Earth Hot to get Fire

Make Earth Moist to get Water.


It can be seen that Earth cannot become Air

without first becoming Fire or Water and vice versa.


Similarly, Fire cannot become Water

without first becoming Earth or Air and vice versa.


All of which… is a very subtle conception for ‘primitives’.



4 thoughts on “Magical Elements: Enfoldment…

  1. And the drawing at the top of the page shows eight points, which is also the number on its side for eternity. So interesting, all the connections, and the ways things work. This is truly a world of mystery in so many ways. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I am in this course of study. Meeting so many really great people and learning so many new things every day is, I think, one of the best things we can all do today. Our world is probably having the most difficult times today in so many different arenas which we need not go into, for we are all too well aware of what is happening, or so I hope. But the thing is that though we might not be able to change the dreaded things, we can definitely choose how we think about them. It is not that any of us are avoiding reality; we are choosing the high road, and that is what must happen if this world is to survive. This is nothing new throughout history, and as I have noted many times in the past, it is not the great emperors, kings, despots, etc. who go on for eternity; it is the little man who is plowing the fields, the women who are spinning cloth, and all of us who continue to unravel the mysteries of life and consciousness. Thank you all one and all.

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