Daily Archives: July 1, 2018

St Michael de Rupe…


“It is something of a ‘dream come true’ to be here, looking at this.”

“In all its technicolour glory.”

“Traditionally, Michael is depicted either ‘slaying’, or ‘fixing’, or as we might say, ‘drawing’,¬† or even ‘tickling’, the dragon, or, he is depicted with scales and sword in, or on, or above clouds.”

“So at a stretch this could even be described as traditional.”



“But look at his apparel.”

“This is St Michael, the Celt,

or St Michael, the Hermit,

or St Michael, the Druid…”

“Of all, of which, we whole heartedly approve.”



“And look at the colours.”

“The golds, and greens, and reds…”

“Earth colours!”

“Or dragon colours.”

“And look at the way in which he is holding his sword.”

“He could be ‘sighting-a-line’ or ‘plumbing-a-depth’.



“But I thought we were calling this traditional?”

“We are!”

“So where are the clouds?”

“Ah, where indeed…”