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Hackpen Hill…


Even our ‘elusive barrow’ was bigger than we expected.

We couldn’t help being reminded of the Fairy Mine.



And we would have got a lot closer still

but for the seven-foot-tall stinging nettles.



“We were pressed for time the last time we visited Hackpen Hill.”

“Ilkley wasn’t it by way of Marlborough to pick up the staves?”

“Staffs not staves.”



“That’s the ‘fella’.”

“The fellow with half a face?”

“Sounds like the title of something.”

“It doubtless is.”

“Or should be.”



“Strange, how patterns in the landscape,

figures of speech,

modes of mind,

attract some people…”



“Yet not others.”



Veil of Blue

Sun in Gemini

Beyond the blue is something more

Where green leaves end is azure’s home

No distance fades or feathers this

Transition in the air of Life

No boundary we don’t set in stone

Before the Green my eyes appear

Not open – grow – from matter’s heart

Creating depth with brain that knows

What it remembers, nothing more

The veil of knowing is the lie of part

Behind the eyes there is the Eye

Made drunken by the force of green

Made distant by the ruler’s dream

Made clear and now restored:

The edge of blue; the laughing world unseen

©Copyright Stephen Tanham.

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