An Angelic Canon…


Not to be outdone, our ‘Old Friend’, Kempe, decided to get in on the act.

Insisting we ponder again the expedience of canonising angels.



“Isn’t it obvious,” says Wen, with a twinkle.

“Only when you already know.”



“It’s about opening lines…”

“Of communication?”



Anyway, our ‘heavenly overseers’,

had not quite done with us, yet…



Fittingly fortified…



We finally headed off for a reunion,

and the start of our adventure…

6 thoughts on “An Angelic Canon…

  1. This wouldn’t be Margery Kempe, b. 1373 – after 1438 born Margery Burnham or Brunham in Bishop’s Lynn (now King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, would it? The first autobiography in the English language? Curious minds want to know.


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