Gone to earth…


It is, perhaps, natural to speculate

on the original inhabitant of our next site…



Given its proximity to Dans Maen,

a short walk away,

and to the road,

but a few feet…



It is tempting to ascribe it a hermit’s tomb…



Our notions of that venerable occupation,

today, differ somewhat from the undoubted

reality of the situation…



It is difficult for us to imagine him dancing.


15 thoughts on “Gone to earth…

  1. What if the he turned out to be a she? And what if he/she were living there for protection and there were more to the site that no longer exists. Storage for food? I guess it could be a grave too, but it might also have been a place where someone lived and there might have been more to the site that no longer exists. Still, what fun to visit it even in print.

    Thank you all kindly.

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    1. Thanks, Stuart. Did they find the bones or body or other belongings of the deceased? I wonder how far it was from where the person lived. I don’t know much about the archaelogy of this area you are writing about, but I am suspecting that the bodies of the people who passed on were not taken far from where they resided, especially in times of difficulites such as wars, plagues, etc. But then, again, I am just thinking out loud and not really basing it on anything I know for certain.

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        1. Thank you so much, Stuart. Did you know that prior to the Civil War in the U.S., people used to bury their dear on their own land, and also they held wakes for them quite frequently. It was only during the Civil War when they began to bring them home via trains, and in coffins, which gave rise to the funeral homes. Just a little something that adds to the context of where we are. Thank you all for this wonderful journey.

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            1. Thank you, Stuart. I think one of the major differences I am seeing or think I am seeing in Britain and the U.S. is that both have lots of history, and both have had an influx of people from different countries that affected their countries, but in Britain, despite that, England seems to have more integrity overall as a country historically. I cannot honestly explain that and I don’t want to sound like a simpleton, but there is something that I perceive that is more cohesive over time. There seems to be a respect for the land itself and the magic of ancient cultures. We have that some, but it is split up in many different places, and nothing that I am aware of like the journey we have had. We have nothing comparable to King Arthur, mythical or not, and I don’t think we have had a strong history of alchemy or sacred geometry as Britain has. There are no accidents in this universe. Thank you all once and again for this very meaningful journey in time, place, and spirit.

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  2. Oh, I forgot to give a context for my interest in the dying and burial practices, etc. It has long been an interest of mine. I am intrigued by the little roadside memorials that do in fact seed the landscape of the U.S., at least out here in the Western area. I once was going to do a book on that practice and I collected photos of some of them that I passed. It is a respect for the dead that has so been lost to us here in the U.S. as the practice of caring for the dead has become so isolated from those who are the ancestors. Thank you all again very much. I don’t know if any of these things I am discussing are worthy of being on this site, but they are things that are coming to me like a good spring rain as we travel through time and space on our journeys.

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      1. I feel so much hope and potential for our world because of this study. I truly look forward to every single day. Suddenly the smallest of things have great meaning for me, and incidents that seemed previously isolated incidents are beginning to come together little by little. I don’t know if I am a bread-head or not, but I am sure I have a Kendall stick around here somewhere. Chuckles!

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