Not only did our last hotel

fail to provide any windows, to speak of, in our room,

  it also failed to provide us with a breakfast…


Which is just as well, really,

for we were up, and off, and away

long before breakfast would ordinarily

ever have been dreamed of…


However, by nine bells one might be forgiven

for expecting the local sea-front eateries to be offering

something in the way of refreshment?



Not so!

So, we headed for St Just…


4 thoughts on “Earth-Sea…

  1. I am rather sad to see our online journey end. Are you sure there aren’t any more of these magical sites waiting for us? (just kidding) This study, besides enriching my life spiritually and otherwise (I can’t even think of words to use at the moment), has made me definitely want to move to the area, and I have spent time on the side looking at “static caravans” as they call them in the overall part of England. It has surely increased my appreciation not only of the country but also the people. i can understand why the British have always been such a plucky and brave people overall through the worst of the worst. What a truly magical country!

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      1. Thank goodness. This whole study is giving me a lot of hope and an open mind for the future of our world. We have to start somewhere, and this is a grand place to start!!!

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