St Just…


“And what did St Just do?”



“Well, apart from displaying his true colours,

and confirming the link between the stonework

of ancient and less ancient sacred sites,

he also reminded us why we’re here.”



“That’s the church of St Just, what did the real St Just do?”

“Oh, pretty much the same sort of thing, I expect.”

6 thoughts on “St Just…

  1. Would St. Just be the same as St. Justin Martyr? I read up about him, and though it is not truly clear and I could not find anything about a St. Just except perhaps the name of a town or church within a town, but then churches don’t generally get named after people who were unknown in some manner. As I read about St. Justin, I tried to think how he might have a relationship to this study, and there were in what I managed to find some references that might have a connection, but it was not truly clear, so I am confused but not giving up.


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