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A Thousand Miles of History IX: Legends on the rocks

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The morning after the workshop, with Alethea and Larissa squeezed into the back of the car, we headed back along the road towards Tavistock, in search of the next site of our day’s explorations. We were going to have a long drive later as we were heading down to Penzance for the night, but for now, the Michael Line was calling…

So the drive from North Brentor was a short one… a matter of minutes… as we were only going to the Parish church. Even from the road, we could see why Isabella Hollwell had bequeathed the money for the building of the new one at the centre of the village.  What promised to be a pleasant climb for us on a cool summer morning, would be a vastly different affair for the parishioners in the middle of winter… especially if you happened to be carrying a coffin.

The church…

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