Time Before Time…

Geometries 004



Anu’s Folk
studied in
the North-Isles.

Four seats there
And four sages
who taught them;

A plentiful sowing…
A dutiful flowing…
A beautiful glowing…
An artful knowing…


Wen catches a brief sight of the poem I have been showing Ben before he has time to hastily secrete it about his person.
“You’re obsessed with that dog!”
Which as anyone who has read any of our books well knows is utter nonsense…


…The girls are back outside on another ‘fag’ break and Ben is considering the somewhat crude geometry which accompanies my poem. He grins and twinkles mischievously, “Why are the North Isles depicted as black?”
“The quaternary, or four directions, are governed by the sun. Do I need to go on?”
Ben nods, “But of course you need to go on.”
“…In the Occident the sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west. Its zenith symbolically conceived as the point of maximum light is in the south so the north is the point of maximum darkness and hence depicted as black.”
“So far so good,” says Ben, “but why are we starting in the north rather than the east and the rising sun?”
“There are a number of magical traditions which regard the darkness of the unknown as the basis for generation. Metaphorically it corresponds to the seed of light nestled in the depths of the earth. The tradition of eve’s in our country reflects this, especially All Hallows… Esoterically speaking then the day stretches from Noon to Noon rather than from sunrise to sunset.”
Ben nods again but more slowly this time, “Interesting.”
“Even Genesis has a chasm and chaos before the breath of the word.”
“…Eve’n Genesis.”


geometries 024


…Ben is again contemplating my crude geometries, “I can see that you have moved the ‘North Isles’ towards a centre point to get this pattern,” he says “but I’m not quite sure why.”
“Because Anu’s folk studied there and to study is to focus on and concentrate. A stud after all is single pointed.”
“And seats?”
“The isles are now shaped like seats. A lot of the Bishop’s chairs we have come across in our numerous ecclesiastical wanderings retain this shape as well as the choir stalls but there is a lot going on with this seat thing. The word itself is multi-valent and as I am sure you know it can be rendered siege as well as ‘caer’ which is also a Celtic stronghold or citadel and which also gives chair…positions of prominence in our universities are referred to as chairs…I could go on.”
“Please don’t,” says Ben looking bewildered. He appears relieved to see the ladies as they breeze back into our corner…
“What have you been doing to him?” asks Wen in a somewhat accusatory fashion.
“He’s missing your dog,” I reply and smile as sweetly as I am able…

– The Aetheling Thing.


13 thoughts on “Time Before Time…

  1. I love this! 🙂 Very profound and beautiful.

    Incidentally I thought first of the Tuatha Dé Danann. There were Four seats ‘caer’ cathair (stronghold cities) there
    And four sages who taught them. The stone of destiny artfully knows; the sword of light beautifully glows; the cauldron of plenty dutifully flows; and the spear of Lugh sews many things, battles and victories, death or the possibility of freedom. They were even said to come from the North.


  2. Knowledge is power and this is it. I’ve studied a lot on Celtic and its mysterious symbols and runes, and cultures. I find ’em intriguing and mystically wonderful.
    This is a funny and lovely blog.
    Now, my MIND knows and it glows! hehe … 🙂


      1. Celtic tales is one of the most mind boggling one. They have hidden mysteries of their own that weaves along together between the world of the old and new, and there is Christianity in it as well as there are other beliefs on the Clan of Danaan, and so on. And there are stories are close to the similiarity with that of King Arthur and the Round Tables as well. It is most confusing, but hidden mystery are one hidden knowledge that may or may never be reveal … 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, that’s right Sherrie, many of the Celtic tales were ‘re-hashed’ into the Authurian Mythos and they have their ‘own strain’ of Christianity which is nature based… A worthwhile culture to attune with and research…

          Liked by 1 person

  3. I am new to the Celtic tales, but I absolutely LOVE the beautiful graphics, and am going to save them so that at some point, I can perhaps copy them into one of my art forms. There is so much to know and study here and it is magical and fantastic! I am so happy that I found The Silent Eye School of Mystery.

    Liked by 1 person

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