In Hack-Pen Hedge…

Ilkwknd 077

1. Doctrine that the soul is the vital principle of organic development.
2. Attribution of conscious life or spirits to nature or natural phenomena.
3. Belief in the existence of spirits separable from bodies.

“There’s a large stone in that hedge…”
“Correction, there’s a large head in that hedge.”
“A pity then that hedge derives from edge and not from head.”

It is a recurring question and one which crops up every time we visit ‘circles’ of stone.
Are the forms which we ‘see’ in them in us or in the stone?
Are they merely subjective projections or do they inhere in the stones themselves?

From experience we know that different people see different things.
From experience also we know that these forms change, constantly.
Among other things they are affected by;
1. Distance.
2. Angle of approach.
3. Atmospheric conditions.

Would that the flickering blaze of flame
In the moonlight
again illuminate these forms…

The beat of a drum
A flare from the sun
When will they in unity thrum?

They deal then with perception and perceptions.

If all one sees are silly things
Is one a silly person or merely being silly?

Is it likely that stones would be chosen for their similarity to animals or beings which have never shared their environment?

Do we know for certain which fauna shared their environment?

Context too is important.

If we have an idea of what these sites were for,
then we may be able to find a correlation in the images in the stones.

Or is that simply more projection
and hence an even greater error of interpretation?

The ‘new circles’ can be instructive.
Apart from the obvious fact that for the most part they are not situated correctly, and thus do not feel ‘right’ or indeed feel ‘wrong’ and do not function at all on an energetic level, the choice of stones also leaves a lot to be desired.
These stones are ‘dead’.
Individually they appear too regular and too square to hold any forms,
not that a square or regular stone could not hold such a form, mind.
Collectively they do not ‘speak’ to each other, or as a whole.

Whatever else the people responsible for ‘Our Stones Circles’ were or were not, they were certainly artists of an exceptionally high degree of accomplishment, as well as consummate surveyors and engineers.
And that is not to mention, supreme organisers and masters of matter in motion.
These skills were probably not compartmentalised or regarded as separate.

One possible function of this artistry and science could have been in order to facilitate ancestral contact.

I just wish I’d moved the grasses away from the other side of the stone and taken a peek…

And then gone into the adjacent field and done likewise.

Ilkwknd 075

31 thoughts on “In Hack-Pen Hedge…

  1. So why didnt you?
    I dont think of stones and rocks as ‘dead’ at all. I think they can absorb energy and thus ‘memory’ of what went on around them. We just dont know how to read them.


    1. Head ‘scrambled’ from an hour or so in Avebury… on our way to the White Horse on the hill and other sundry and feeble excuses I’m afraid… I’d tend to agree with you although some stones are undoubtedly more alive than others… and thus some stones can seem ‘dead’ in comparison… We don’t know how to read them…yet!

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      1. Well if anyone discovers how to, I believe it will be you guys. 😊 And yes, I agree with you there… when I finally got to touch the Lia Fail, for eg, I was puzzled at how there was just nothing there. It looks and feels like a concrete bollard! I thought it was just me, but since heard others say similar things. Sad but true. Legend says ‘the heart flew out of it’ and went to Teltown, I don’t know what that means, but I’m thinking, yes, it probably did, leaving just a fragment of empty shell behind.

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          1. Teltown is the modern name for a place called Tailten. It’s where Lugh grew up fostered by Queen Tailtiu of the Fir Bolg, who Lugh’s people, the Danann defeated. He was so distraught by her death that he set up the Festival of Lughnasadh there in her honour. The Games were famous and continued to be celebrated there and around Ireland into the C19th. I wrote about it on my blog if you want to know a little more. The phrasing is interesting. Also interesting is that Tailtiu is also thought to be Nefertiti, and that she brought the stone to Tara,that it was Jacobs Pillow, and that she founded the original Brehon Law. Lots of ifs buts and maybes… interesting connections nevertheless. 😊

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            1. Which would make it the ancestral home of the king or the sun… same thing for the Egyptians… Jacob’s Pillow is a dream stone… which ascends and provides a link… is flying to Teltown the same as walking there? I someow doubt it… I shall check out your blog… thanks…

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              1. No I dont think so. But there are some strange references to people and things being airborne in other areas of the myth stories. And other strange goings on. For example, what do you make of a poet ‘dying a druidic death of light’? I recently came across this and it wont leave me alone.

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          1. Ok, so what’s your way of putting it? Initiated into the mysteries… or actually physically gone from this world (ie dead) but moved on/ graduated/ reborn into a different realm/ dimension/ level of being… what? Your evasiveness is doing my head in lol!

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            1. Sorry to do your head in Ali, I only meant that all truly spiritual traditions have a similar concept of dying to the ‘ego’ self and being born into the ‘greater’ self which is usually in these traditions equated with light… and can also be described as ‘selfless’…

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              1. The exact words were ‘he died a druidic death of pure light by Nechtan at the Battle of Segais Well’. Which is also said to be the Well where the Nine Sacred Hazels dropped their nuts which were eaten by the salmon of Knowledge. Interesting huh? Ties in with what you say, but what about the battle… I was imagining Gods with light sabres, lol! Ok, I’ll stop tormenting you with questions now, and thanks very much for your replies.

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              2. In the Irish tradition many of the ‘battles’ were magical… Moytura for one, See Steven Blamires’ account. I don’t know the full story of this one but as Nechtan was earlier described as a poet and as he ‘died the death which is not death’ at a Well of Wisdom it is at least possible that the battle in question was originally a poetic contest… ’tis no torment Ali but a pleasure… and you are welcome. Hope they have been of some use…

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              3. No I’ve not written about it. It was too puzzling. I eas actually yrying to find out about the events which led to Lugh’s death. There was no one complete story, I found fragments in various other myth stories and rightly or wrongly put them together. As I was researching that, I came across the reference to Cairpre and was quite intrigued by it.

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              4. It is infuriating not to have a ‘complete’ record and in which case the approach you took is pretty much the only one available… makes things interesting though… and some of the snippets are intriguing like the ruins of once magnificent buildings…

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  2. Just watched a documentary on PBS Nova called “Life’s Rocky Start” It describes the link between rocks and minerals, and every living thing on Earth. It is so wonderful to see how western science is finally catching up to animist thought

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