Of Trolls and Sustenance…


Tomf, the Troll, rises from the river bed after a long, long, sleep.

He is feeling grumpy but only because he is hungry.

Off in search of chocolate, cake, liqourice, orange juice, tobacco and cough sweets he goes…

Oh, and bananas too, I nearly forgot the bananas…

Where grub is concerned he is not  too particular…

Just in case you missed him, here is a close up…



P.S. He does not look quite so grumpy, since we have been feeding him.


22 thoughts on “Of Trolls and Sustenance…

  1. I like a troll that knows what he likes. He sort of sounds like my youngest son Kevin when he was a child (he’s in his forties now) he was always cranky in the morning until he ate his breakfeast and we all used to call him Frank the Crank, how he hated that. The funny thing is when he had his first child (a boy) they named him Kevin and we were talking on the phone one day and I asked him if they gave Kevin a middle name. He hesitated and then said; “Yes”.
    “Well are you going to tell me what it is?”
    “Frank”, was his answer.
    “You mean Francis or Franko”?
    “NO, just Frank”.
    “Ohhh, Frank the Crank”, I said laughing.
    “I knew you guys were going to say that”!!!!
    Funny how some things come back to bite you in the arse. :o)

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