Daily Archives: November 22, 2018

What the stones said…


“So, Robin Hood is a Moon-Man?”

“It would appear so.”


“And what of Maid-Marian?”

“Maid-Marian is the Sea.”



“Marion, or Mary is always the sea,¬† even in Christian tradition Mary is the sea, she might be ‘the sea’ as subconscious, or indeed for most people ‘the sea’ as unconscious but what does the ‘Star of the Sea’ ultimately bring forth? And what do we still call the soldiers of the sea?”

“The Navy?”

“‘Navy’ comes from ‘navigation’ which on the sea is via the stars, or at least it was originally. The stars, then, would probably be Robin’s Merry Men…”

“Heaven help us!”



“Quite, we call the soldiers of the sea, Marines.”

“And it was all going so well… I would, though, like to see this place under a night sky.”

“Me too.”

“A clear night sky.”



“It would have to be… Could we risk the over-friendly sheep?”

“Would they be in the fields in winter?”

“Possibly not.”

“And Little John?”

“Little John is the Sun.”

“I feel like weeping.”

“And the wind… cries…”