Template of Time…


First thing on waking

We reach for the ‘alarm’

To check the time

And cannot recall

The last time that did not happen.


‘Time’ again but in a different sense.

We use the same word to designate

A succession of ‘living’ moments, a now…

And an event now… long ‘dead’.

If we want to ‘resurrect’ that event we call it ‘this’…


Worth contemplating?


12 thoughts on “Template of Time…

  1. Last year, time declared itself to be my enemy, and already I can feel its hands around my neck. If I only make one resolution for 2019, it will be to cut myself free to use time to my best advantage and not be dictated as to how I should be using it…

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  2. I have a strange relationship with time, I keep losing it which; they, those, learned doctors say is down to being dyspraxic. Getting so lost in a moment that normal senses don’t realize that an hour or two has passed. However, I also have a clock at my bedside, it isn’t wound, but it is beautiful to gaze on.

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  3. Time is a strange thing it can be friend or foe. My sister often makes me smile as she refuses to conform to time saying it is only man made? Well I suppose in that she is right really. The thing is less stressed , never early or late in her eyes. I find travelling with her very stressful and shopping is pergatory! Bless her!

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