Sylvan Grade…


Can stone

turn to tree

or was that just eroded memory?


Yet, if water turns to earth

and air

and earth to fire

and air to water

by dint of long forgotten alchemy.


And if indeed

the Fire-King and Earth-Maiden

have spawned a beautiful daughter…


There may yet be

some fleeting semblance of hope

for me…

19 thoughts on “Sylvan Grade…

    1. Thanks Ken… There is a back story to that statement. We discovered the Trees whilst looking for a stone which appears to be no longer there. For the Stone Age people stone symbolically represented ‘death’ or the ancestral world and ‘wood’ life, or the world of the living, or at least that’s one widely accepted theory… which, weirdly, does ‘fit’ with the lay out of the glade…

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        1. Quite, but theft isn’t the only option for the missing stone… Memory, may have something to do with it, and or time, or even, if the Folk Record is to be believed, it may simply have gone for a ‘wander’ or have been ‘passing through’ when we stumbled upon it… Of such possibilities are stories born.

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