Art Club…


What’s with the Art Club?

Seven ’til Ten.

I’ll take you, if you like?


And so… we did.

But he did not get it.

None of it.


Certainly not, what was so good,

’bout going back to skool

when you are not supposed to be there.


Villains of time and season

lifting never seen before shots.

Moving naturally.

‘stead of in designated lines.


Which it was.


The corridors were now phantom walk-ways

which perchance would never be used again.

In winter they were all Pitch-Black

until the switches were flicked…

By us!


Even the people

there looked different

informally un-uniformed

they finally seemed real

instead of pretend.


We got to use Art-Room materials

to draw or paint

whatever we liked!


And there was music…

An old record player.

Curiously, there were never any arguments

over what should or should not be played.


It was good too,


just to watch others



Thanks to Tony Carroll, Carol Miller and Ken Dorrington.

10 thoughts on “Art Club…

  1. We have had some high-level posts of late and I am a bit confused, but trying to dig my way out of the fog of my own confusion from heavens knows what, and get a better understanding. I am still stuck in the mystery of Heh-Yod-Heh, and spinning as I look online and try to figure out the answer. Am I missing something in the studies or ??? Perhaps some of these topics are from the events, or some long past studies on this, or from one of your or Sues, or both of your books. It could be because I don’t live in England and there are things that are being talked about that make it difficult to understand. When I get started on something, I am like a bulldog, chasing it around and around until I finally get it, and if I don’t, I will keep bringing it up again and again, my mind still stuck on that puzzle. Help???

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  2. No, for sure the internet does not have all the answers, but it does help me sometimes to understand a word or some words, or some historical thing that I do not have handy access to. Yes, for certain, I am sure it is at the very least a backdrop for the studies, and provides more depth of understanding eventually. Perhaps it is partly because I am only a 1st year student, so I have not had enough exposure to understand it all as yet. But as I have noted, once I get a bone in my teeth, I am a definite bulldog in going after it until I DO get it. Life as we know it is too short to not continue to try to understand or “solve” some great puzzle. I have studied esoteric and mystical things for many years, but via a very different perspective, and being older now, I have forgotten so much because I had no one to continue to study or discuss it with for a long time. I am so happy to have rediscovered The Silent Eye Mystery School because it has affirmed in my mind that there is a whole lot more to life than what we see on the surface. Instead of the winter of my life being a quiet time filled with just memories, it is challenging my mind and spirit fully and that is a wonderful way to live. Before my spirit was quiet, but now it is fully alive and full of something I have not felt before. So if it ever sounds as though I am challenging any of you, I am not but just hungry to learn and understand more. Meditating doesn’t always bring answers to me about complex things, but trying to at least find some clues somehow sometimes does.

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