Daily Archives: March 9, 2019

Art Club Ghost…


It was only a matter of time

before we decided to explore the Pitch-Black.


It took the form of a dare:

to walk the corridor end to end without breaking into a run.


Easy enough for those with no fear of the dark,

albeit this was darkness so thick

you could not see a hand in front of a face.


We did not even get a light for the stair-well.


Down we went…

Three fools who laugh at fear.

Each determined not to break into a run,

or at least, not before the other two did…


The creak of a door.

During the day we would not have given it a second thought.

But now, that over used staple of too many bad horror flicks

seemed in league with the darkness.

The door closed on our tomb.


We turn and make tentative steps into the black.

Normal darkness the eyes grow accustomed to.

Not here.

Here the darkness bounces against the back of the skull,

stirring no shadows.


The creak of a door.

Not our door.

The one at the far end of the corridor.

From somewhere, a light shone.

There, suspended from the door,

was ‘Bones’,

the Art-Room skeleton.


We lost the dare.