It has been surmised that the future enters our past in order that the present may form…

Sometimes it certainly feels a little like that.

For one thing it has been twenty-seven months since our last sighting of a Heron which, if memory serves, occurred immediately prior to our sojourn in Bryn Celli Ddu…

Whatever the books on symbolism or divination say, in my experience, the Heron is a harbinger of change…

What sort of change and when that change is to take place is often quite another matter…

But change…

…Is coming.



20 thoughts on “Harbinger…

  1. Thanks for this story and pictures. It brought to mind the Buddhist verse:
    Those who, while still young,
    neither choose a life of renunciation
    nor earn a good living
    end up like dejected old herons
    in a pond without fish
    [Dhammapada V. 155]

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  2. If herons symbolise change, I must be living in a constant state of flux (which might explain a lot!) as I see one most days when I walk near Threave Castle. But, no matter how often I see one I still have to stop and watch for a while.

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      1. I am lucky living where I do. On that same walk in the summer we see roe deer, ospreys (which this summer raised four chicks), herons, the occasional hare and this year we had peregrine falcons nesting on the castle – and something to delight, Sue, red kites moving in. There are otters but I’ve only been lucky enough once to see one.

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