Daily Archives: March 26, 2019

…Let down your hair!


… “Oh really… and what are the problems with Rapunzel?”

“It is not possible to climb a tower by somebody’s hair, without breaking their neck, no matter how long it has grown.”

“Then it must be symbolic.”

“If the tower has no door or stairs how did Rapunzel get up there in the first place?”

“Why, then it must be symbolic.”

“There is no location given for the tower, we know only that it has thorns at its base.”

“Oh, then it is definitely symbolic.”

“Symbolic of what?”


“And why does Gothel go to visit Rapunzel on a daily basis?”


“And why does she need to incarcerate her in the tower anyway?”

“Ah, we are told that. It is because Rapunzel is the most beautiful maiden in all the land.”

“Why should beauty alone be sufficient reason for incarceration?”


“Like I said, there are numerous problems with Rapunzel.”