Keys to the House of Don…


…”I do have my reputation as an I.M.O.M to consider.”

“An I.M.O.M?”

“An International Man of Mystery. And there, if you only knew it, is the first key.”

“Which is?”

Don reaches ‘blind’ behind his head and extracts from the mahogany bookcase a slim, yellow covered, paperback. He opens the book and starts to read…

‘The key to understanding these tales is to ask yourself questions. If you are alone do not be afraid to address thin air. If you ask your self enough questions your soul eventually answers and before long you will no longer be talking to air you will be walking on it…’

– The Initiate

“I take it no one answered the question?”

“You can take it that no one even realised they were expected to.”

“The magic halter?”

“Cosmologically, the magic halter is the…”

“One step at a time!”

“Cows don’t wear halters. This is the clue that tells us that the cow is not really a cow and that the halter is not really a halter.”

“Plus the fact that the cow is ‘wondrous’ and the halter is ‘magic’.”

“If the wondrous cow is the Moon and the magic halter governs the whereabouts of the Moon, then the question is, ‘what governs the daily position of the Moon’ ?”

“What force governs the daily position of the Moon?”

“Easy now, the force of gravity.”

“More specifically?”

“The force of gravity in relation to the Moon and the Earth.”

“They didn’t know about gravity in those days.”

“They knew though, by observation, that the Moon followed a regular course or pattern in the sky and that ‘something’ governed that.”

“Which was?”

“The Moon’s orbit around the Earth. The halter is an orbit.”

“That sounds like its the wrong way around, could they have thought that the Earth circuits the Moon?”

“Perhaps, but in the story the wondrous cow does make a daily circuit of the land.”

“And the land, is the Earth… okay.”

“Cosmologically, then, the magic halter is the Moon’s orbit. It is the Moon’s cycle perceived from the Earth. The Moon completes the same cycle each month that the Sun completes in a year, traversing each of the Zodiacal Houses, which means that psychologically speaking the Moon is the seed of the Sun.”

“You’re going too fast again, and anyway, they couldn’t have known all that, way back then.”

“But if they didn’t know that, then, how did it get into the story?”


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