For over Two-Thousand years

Fine minds have

Pondered the problem

Of philosophical dualism.


The living soul

A quickening spirit.


This dilemma, perhaps, can

Best be approached by

Considering three questions.



Clean the house

Before a birth?



Tidy the house

Before a guest?


And what must have

occurred before one

Is able to

Do these things?

– Count Jack Black


8 thoughts on “Dilemmas…

  1. Are the answers to these two questions related, Stuart? I would think the first answer is due to the nesting instinct and possibly to prevent illness while the second was more vanity and competitiveness related.


  2. I would always clean a house if a new life is coming. The least we can new for the young one is make the place clean. As for guests … well… pride of place? Not wanting to look like slobs? I’m pretty sure when we were all younger, the ONLY time we really cleaned was when company was coming. In fact, we had to invite company to get up the energy to clean!

    As for why? Well, the baby is coming … and so is Mom!

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  3. If you have a long expiring time. you as well as many others there is many ways to cheat death…

    Only but if you have one life, next is dark-matter floating in space, dead souls..

    For myself it was reborn, as a child with not always fresh memories of past, but to live-out there lives as if it is my own…


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