Obelisk: Alchemical Gold…


As soon as one posits one-self

‘Natura Superior’…


One is

immediately confronted with earth as dirt,

and the need to flee this filthy spectre

becomes paramount…


Yet it may be that

the outer ring of stars in space

is nothing more than a reflected inner.


Roses, after all, thrive on dung.

5 thoughts on “Obelisk: Alchemical Gold…

  1. I love this. And it is so true in this world. I wrote some time ago about some cheap roses I bought at the 99 cent store that were truly bare root roses (no stuff around them at all, just true bare roots). I planted them all, gave them all the same waterings, the same dirt, etc. and it was fun to watch the differences in how they grew. One didn’t even try and gave up I think the first day, and it already had leaves, etc. But one of the scrawniest plants immediately started growing as if it had been given some kind of special growth food. Within a week, it was covered with nice dark leaves and it was ready to put out a bud too! Amazing to watch things like that. It’s something that we may never really fully understand, something that just is.

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