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Caladur: Hermitage…


…Before long Ewan emerged from the dark wood

to find himself standing in an open grove of silver birches…

Beyond the grove ran a stream, burbling,

and beyond the stream was a bank with great beeches on it.


Ewan left the forest path and crossed the stream

to where the ground rose higher and higher

leaving the beeches behind

he came to a small lawn

cut before a cliff-face of red sand.


In the cliff-face he spied two steps,

and a doorway and two windows carved,

like the door and windows of a church,

and he knew it to be a hermitage…


Caladur: Dark Wood…


…So, Ewan walked on alone into the high wood,

and for a time the sun was obsccured

by the thick pines which clustered above his head.


As he walked it came into his mind

that he was now a new man

and he thought again of the strange child

that had come into his world and led him from it.


It seemed to him then that the child

still danced before him along the forest path

which wound its way this way and that…


A Wild Mother…


Mother-Wild has not only the experience

of her forebears and the accepted rules

of the clan to guide her,

she seeks to learn also from

ants, bees, spiders and badgers.


She studies the family life of the birds.

To her and her child the birds are real people,

who live close to the mysterium.


The murmuring trees breathe its presence.

The falling waters chant its praise.

– Ohiyesa


Dereliction of Duty…


…It was a day of surprises.

For the matter beneath his feet to commence shaking was a surprise because it had shown no prior predilection so to do and hence had come to be regarded as stable.

Given the ‘most stable’s’ new propensity, somewhat less of a surprise but still, unthinkable, his previously stable walls also began to shake.

The third surprise came hot on the heels of the other two.

As the usually reliable roof-tiles cascaded around his head, he realised that a shock-wave could be seen with the naked eye.

It was the last thing he saw.