Never far, nor yet near…


Ewan, Lord of Fulnay, presided over the Hall of Justice;

stick-stealers, rabbit-snarers, husband-and-wife beaters…

The petty round of misdemeanours had become wearisome in Ewan’s eyes,

yet ever, his steward hovered at his shoulder a moments notice from opprobrium.


Then, into the hall was fetched a child of seven years,

found abandoned by the road-side.

Apparelled in rich, outlandish, hunting-green,

he spoke a strange tongue which none in the hall could comprehend.


Lord Ewan sat the child next to him in the hall,

and as he pronounced his judgements he observed the green-clad-one.


The Lord’s scrutinies were returned through twinkling eyes,

as the child listened intently to all that passed with a wondrous smile,

for to him the now tired process seemed revelatory.


Lord Ewan’s mind, though, continued to unravel,

his heart heavied, his life and that of his people assumed the form

of an endless, dusty high-way impossible to circumvent.


Ewan’s decisions suffered, becoming wayward.

The guilty could hardly believe their ears!

His steward was aghast…

The Hall of Justice was cleared.

Lord Ewan was left there alone, with the child…





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