Caladur: Leaving…


… The steward, casting a sly glance back into the hall

through the great hinges on its doors

saw that his Lord and the boy were now

conversing in the child’s own outlandish tongue.


Then Ewan rose to stand and called to him as of yore

when they had fought together at war.


The steward immediately ran to his Lord

Who made him summon the whole household.


So, the household were summoned and they gathered before the dias,

on which stood Lord Ewan and the strange, green-clad child,

with at their head Lord Ewan’s brother Turkin.


Lord Ewan bade his brother kneel

and taking his sword from him and laying it upon both shoulders

he made him a knight there and then, and he took the keys

from his own belt and the gold spurs from his own feet and he said aloud,

“I call on you all to witness the transfer of my knighthood

and the honour of Fulnay to my brother Lord Turkin,

and by these actions, my house, my goods and all of my lands.”…


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