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Caladur: Gone…


… Then Lord Turkin stood,

holding the keys and spurs,  in silence,

he gazed upon his brother

and the strange, green-clad child:

for all their difference in years

Lord Ewan’s eyes and those of the boy were identical!


As he gazed Lord Turkin’s heart became heavy,

and he envied his brother and feared for himself.

In fear his hands twitched

and the keys clanked and the spurs clinked

and his heart leapt again in joy for his new possessions.


All this Ewan saw as if it were happening a life-time away.

He smiled and immediately forgot it.

The child took his hand

and they walked the length of the hall together.


When they reached the door the Steward stood there.

He bowed low and spoke gravely to Ewan

reminding him of the day’s itinery.


But Ewan and the green-clad child merely laughed,

and the Steward realising they laughed at him became enraged…


Then, Lord Turkin caught up to Ewan in haste,

and laid his hand upon his brother’s arm saying,

“What is this that you do?

No man leaves all he has, departing suddenly, taking nothing!”

But Ewan and the strange, green-clad child went from him in silence.


They passed swiftly along the road,

under the woodside,

quickly disappearing from sight…