Magical Elements: ‘Alchemy’…




To lessen the confusion between Fire and Water

and to accentuate the difference between

Earth and Air,  the Alchemists coloured their symbols…


… Alchemy is one of the oldest techniques known to mankind.

The Ancient who first cast a weather eye at the heavens,

licked a finger and held it aloft in the sky,

in order to ascertain which way the wind did blow… was an ‘Alchemist’.


One of the first things the Alchemists noticed about the elements was their mutability…

They seemed to be caught up in an endless round of transmutation,

and were forever striving to become each other.

That apart, they were incredibly stable in themselves, and also incredibly dynamic!


Small wonder then that the equilateral triangle,

with its base-line and its point,

presented itself as such a fitting symbol of their being.


These and other observations led the Alchemists to conceive a set of qualities

for the Magical Elements which would  explain their transmutation from one to the other.


Earth is Cold and Dry… Water is Cold and Moist…

Air is Moist and Hot… Fire is Hot and Dry…

Make Earth Hot to get Fire. Make Earth Moist to get Water.

Earth cannot become Air without first becoming Fire or Water and vice versa.

Similarly, Fire cannot become Water without first becoming Earth or Air and vice versa.



All of which, upon consideration, is an extremely subtle conception

to be entertained by mere ‘primitives’.

8 thoughts on “Magical Elements: ‘Alchemy’…

  1. As always, this is so helpful for me to understand some issues, or at least to believe that I am understanding them. This is highly important to me right now as I attempt to transition from learning about and understanding the nine personas to a study that seems to involve a lot of abstract concepts. It seemed a somewhat puzzling transition as I kept trying to find a connection. I always seem to want to find some sort of connection or relationship for everything in my knowledge basket, and somehow I have not been finding it as I kept thinking I would. I guess in the end result, I am not certain what the intent of this aspect of learning means. Thank you all. I am not trying to be a problem, but I have reached a point of confusion, and I really want to make a connection somehow.

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          1. Thank heavens. I am like the tortoise. I move along slowly but surely, and I do get there, but in my own ways and my own time. I used to try to learn the way others did, and I could not learn the way they did, and it made me feel bad about myself. But one day I tried my own ways, for I learn best visually and by seeing something for myself, or reading about it and then philosophizing on it and ultimately I learn it. I need the words to work with as well as the symbols/colors/sounds/feelings, and then I somehow manage to put it all together and it works for me. So thank you very kindly, all of you.

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