Magical Elements: Unfurling…


… Not content with speculations

on the nature of the physical world,

their deductions led the Alchemists to contemplations

of a metaphysical nature…


If Magical Elements could be transmuted

each into the other

then they must ultimately be equivalent.


They posited a fifth element

which possessed all the properties of the other four,

and called it the ‘Quintessence’…



6 thoughts on “Magical Elements: Unfurling…

  1. Each post contains so much information to investigate, and the meanings of each one becomes more meaningful. The quintessence is an incredible thing, and for me, a great deal of time must be taken to thoroughly understand it fully. I have done a lot of reading already about it, and I am looking for more to investigate over time. Everything is connected in a magical way, and so the title is another mystery resolved.

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  2. It’s so strange, and perhaps not an accident at all, that these wonderful things come into our lives just at the right time. We may not even be aware that it is the right time, but it is, just as i am certain that flowers don’t decide when they will open, and babies don’t decide their moment of arrival into this world nor do the mothers. The world seems to have mysterious rhythms and times, and I am looking forward to understanding them better. I keep returning to Gilgamesh, for there seem to be a lot of answers there as each time I re-examine what I read in my mind, a whole way of seeing it emerges. Amazing!


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