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The Shreiking Womb…

France & Vincent


The Ulstermen were drinking in the house

of Connavor’s Bard, Fedlimed mac Dall.

Fedlimed’s wedd-woman, who happened

to be full with child, was also in attendance.

She passed round meat and drink and, when the

house reached drunken uproar, made for her bed.

As she crossed the floor of the house

the child shrieked in her womb.

The shriek was heard by all.


“Woman,” said Fedlimed, “what is

that troubled sound from your womb,

the weird screaming at your waist

hurts the ears of those who hear it.

My heart is trembling as at the

portent of some great terror.”

Fedlimed’s wedd-woman turned,

at a loss, to Carva-the-Druid:

“Fair-faced prince, precious and pure

crowned in glory by a surfeit of lore

no words of light have I to shed

for my fine wedd-man Fedlimed;

though ‘twas the hollow of my belly

that howled, and brought me to tears,

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Dance of Fire and Water: Relations…

‘…As all things are discovered by one,

alone through contemplation,

so all things are born from this one,

alone by permutation…



… Its father is the Sun,

its mother is the Moon,

the Wind bears it in its belly,

the Earth nurtures it in its heart…’

The Emerald Tablet