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Callanish Calling: Gnomes…

France & Vincent


…And he is not just horrible to us,

even the gnomes, that used to inhabit the Heart of the Isle,

fled to the coast to hurl themselves into the sea.


Some of the gnomes though thought better of it,

which was just as well really,

because through one of the holes in the sky,

when the sun peeked out,

we too made it to the coast…


There to be accosted

by one of the wisest of their number…


“You’ll never make it to the morn,” he said

somewhat dramatically, “unless you find

the way-stone.”


“And the way-stone is where?”


“The way-stone stands by the way

not in the way like the Old Man…”


“Well, that’s a lot clearer then.

At least we were right about the Old Man…”


“We’ve already passed the way-stone” said Wen,

“We’ll have to go back and…

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