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Callanish Calling: Riddle…

France & Vincent


Back in the relative sanctuary of our Red-Pill-Box,

Wen looked at me hopefully and said,

“You did make a note of the riddle didn’t you?”


“As it is all that now stands between us and oblivion, my dearest Wendlebury,

I didn’t actually need to. Its form is emblazoned across my inner vision

for all time, or at least until we solve it, if we ever do.”


“Until you solve it, actually, you’re the Riddle Man!”


This seemed, to me at least, a tad unfair.


“Setting riddles is infinitely easier than solving them,

and if I’m going to stand any chance with this one,

I shall need a drink, which reminds me, we haven’t actually seen one

blasted road side inn on the whole of this Island!”


“Hubble, bubble, not all is trouble,” said Wen, “That’s a very good start.”

“It is?”

“‘Road-side’ is in…

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