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Callanish Calling: Millennial Stone…

France & Vincent


After our sojourn at the Off Road Inn

we tried Portree again but although we managed to

get a park this time,

as we prepared to exit our Red-Pill-Box,

the heavens opened…


When the rain finally stopped falling from the sky

we found ourselves close to the Millennial Stone

and climbed up to say ‘Hello’.


“We’ll know it when we see it,” said Wen,

her back to the stone.


“We’ll know what?”


“The place where we’re supposed to stay.”


In the end we found it like we found the inn.

We just turned off the main-road and rolled down to it…


The Fairy Rock.

Safest place on the Isle.


Even so, the Old Man still managed to locate us.


And when he did he let rip good and proper with the rain…

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