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Dreaming Stones: Invisibility and other weirdness

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Just beyond the standing stones of Callanish is a small hillock of boulders and green earth. It was here we sat, partly to contemplate the enormity of the site before us… a place we had both long wanted to visit and thought we might never see… but also to await the departure of the latest horde  of tourists. While we are glad to see a resurgence of interest in these ancient places and understand the exigencies of the ubiquitous guided tour, it always feels wrong, somehow, to see crowds being disgorged from huge coaches, knowing visitors are obliged to ‘do’ the site in fifteen minutes, take a few pictures to prove they were there and leave without ever having a chance to feel the spirit of a place or contemplate its relationship with earth hills and sky.

So, in the lee of a great stone, we waited. The hillock and…

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Calanais: Sentinels and Sights…

France & Vincent


Some of the stones look too tall

and too thin

to have stood for so long.


Especially in this wind…


The sky over Lewis

is perhaps best described

as skittish.


If the clouds around Skye


here, they flit

like ghosts

are supposed.



as bones

of the earth

was given

yet, somehow,

when stood

they become ‘blood’.


Don’t ask…

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