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Calanais: Graces…

France & Vincent


Presumably the fence is here,

to keep out the sheep!


From the camera’s perspective,

sheep can be less offensive

than people… and fences.


Careful how you look, now,

or else you’ll see faces!


You see a face?


Then you are possessed…

of heart.


As indeed the world

is possessed

of spirit.

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Dreaming Stones: Second sight

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We had returned to the stones of Callanish for a second attempt at getting the feel of a place of which we had a little knowledge but no real understanding.  Facts are not enough, you have to walk the land before you can begin to know it.

We knew, for example, that there are astronomical alignments at Callanish. And, for once, we did actually know that… it was not some weird theory thrown out by folk whose reality through other eyes. At Callanish, Castlerigg and other stone circles throughout the realm, scientists are now able to offer incontrovertible proof that such alignments were part of the original design.

The University of Adelaide, bless them, decided to put that theory to the test and, through the use of statistical analysis, 3D imaging and a host of other modern and scientific methods, were able to determine that… as we and the…

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