Calanais: Graces…

France & Vincent


Presumably the fence is here,

to keep out the sheep!


From the camera’s perspective,

sheep can be less offensive

than people… and fences.


Careful how you look, now,

or else you’ll see faces!


You see a face?


Then you are possessed…

of heart.


As indeed the world

is possessed

of spirit.

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1 thought on “Calanais: Graces…

  1. You know, that face on that stone is definitely like that of a Precolumbian face – all the features and the ear and the shape of the head. Wow, this would certainly add a new twist, wouldn’t it? And you know, in some cultures, it has been proven that there was travel between the countries. So I think there is more to this than what we see on the surface.

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