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Dreaming Stones: From the depths…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We could see, as soon as we passed through the gate, that the church in Kirkoswald was going to be a good one. The village itself bears its name… Oswald’s church… and the dedication was given because the body of the sainted Northumbrian king had passed through the village after he was killed by Penda, the last pagan king of Mercia, at the Battle of Maserfield, fourteen hundred years ago.

We have crossed St Oswald’s path many times before. It was he whose relics had rested in Bamburgh Castle, which we had visited during the Northumbrian workshop, and he who had given the island of Lindisfarne to St Aidan, whose shrine we had also visited on that trip.

There are many tales of miracles associated with St Oswald, some of which have overtones more often associated with pagan, rather than Christian, myths . Perhaps the best known is that…

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France & Vincent


… “That’s the church we nearly used in December for ‘Full Circle’.

It was on the back up list in case it rained heavily.”


“I thought the name sounded familiar.

I didn’t realise we were so far down already.”


“It’s got a well in the graveyard!”


“I remember. We didn’t get in though did we?”


“Nowhere to park.”


Even coming at it the other way and fully armed

with gen from our previous visit we still manage

to shoot past it, and have to double back…


“We were considering pubs for lunch, last time.”


“That’s right, we were.”


“Feels like we could be in Derbyshire,

or Wiltshire, or something.”


“You mean, it feels like home.”

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