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The Matter of Britain…

France & Vincent


Could there be an image more redolent

of the true majesty of these isles?


We are minded of the church at Kilpeck

with its famous and resplendant Sheelagh…


The fact that we had failed to get here

last time, or had been prevented,

seems indicative of a grace earned

which graces never are…


More accurately, perhaps, of a labyrinth trod,

blindfold from beginning to end,

with only child-like, inner promptings, as guide…


There’s even a ‘Merlin’ shuffling about

the kirk-yard,

his questing beast,

leashed, for walkies.


“Good After-Noon!”


It is now.


The chalice is gravid to hold,

snug to the hand-cusp,

the water clear,

and pure,

and cold,



 Ah, Calanais!

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