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Sticks ‘n’ Stones…

France & Vincent


For the last three workshops

we have tried to incorporate some continuity…


In Dorset we worked with Planets.

In Cumbria we worked with Vowels.

In Derbyshire we worked with Colours.


All of which can be linked.


Nice then to have rainbows ‘stalk us’ on this trip…


… Which, as we have tried to emphasise,

had very little pre-planning

at an organisational level, at least, on our part.


Even when things appeared most dire…

We invariably found we were face to face with,

a rainbow!


Wen started referring to them as ‘ironic’.

Which, clearly, they were not.


Despite also not being made of girders,

They did act as a weird sort of tonic or spur.


But even here, on the last leg

of our trip,

we could have

taken a wrong turn.


“But this is the road that passes Long Meg.”

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