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The Dance of Fire and Water III…

‘…As all things are discovered by one,

alone through contemplation,

so all things are born from this one,

alone by permutation…



… Its father is the Sun,

its mother is the Moon,

the Wind bears it in its belly,

the Earth nurtures it in its heart…’

The Emerald Tablet

The Dance of Fire and Water II…


‘In truth, it is certain and without doubt,

that whatever is above tends toward that which is below…



… And whatever is below tends toward that which is above,

for the accomplishment of the One Perfected Thing…’

The Emerald Tablet


The Dance of Fire and Water…

Circle – Sun – Spirit


… After satisfactorily explaining

the nature of the Earthly Realm,

The Alchemists turned their attentions to the stars…

Crescent – Moon – Soul


To those heavenly bodies

which seemingly ‘wandered’ across the fixed backdrop of the constellations,

they gave the generic name planets,

and held them in especial reverence.

Cross – Earth – Body-Matter


The symbolic system they developed

to designate the planetary beings

also linked them to the human psyche.


Magical Elements: Unfurling…


… Not content with speculations

on the nature of the physical world,

their deductions led the Alchemists to contemplations

of a metaphysical nature…

If Magical Elements could be transmuted

each into the other

then they must ultimately be equivalent.

They posited a fifth element

which possessed all the properties of the other four,

and called it the Quintessence…


Magical Elements: Enfoldment…


…These observations led the Alchemists to conceive

a set of qualities for the Magical Elements

which would  explain their transmutation from one to the other.


Earth is Cold and Dry

Water is Cold and Moist

Air is Moist and Hot

Fire is Hot and Dry


Make Earth Hot to get Fire

Make Earth Moist to get Water.


It can be seen that Earth cannot become Air

without first becoming Fire or Water and vice versa.


Similarly, Fire cannot become Water

without first becoming Earth or Air and vice versa.


All of which… is a very subtle conception for ‘primitives’.