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Being European…


Is it civilisation, this trajectory we have embarked upon?

It may once have been regarded thus.


Probably never.


In some things, perhaps, but not in others…

We may call it ‘democritisation’,

knowing our states are now too large for effective democracy.

Whatever we call it, the evolving Europe will end

with results its propagators least anticipated.

We are cultivating a breeding ground for tyrants.


Ear-Wig II…


… “But let us suppose a stateman were to put his nation in the position

of having to pursue ‘grand politics’ though it were ill equipped to do so.”


“Or worse, suppose he forced his nation to politicise when it had otherwise

better things to do…”


“Would we call such a statesman great?”


“Undoubtedly, else he would not have been able to achieve such a feat.

He may have been mad to attempt it but perhaps all greatness starts out as madness.”


“I disagree, we might want to call him strong and mad but never great!”


Let the ignorant speculate –

When one nation becomes spiritually shallow,

another sets out for the deep…



“He understands about as much philosophy as a pheasant!”


“He is, then, an innocent.”


“But it is all one in this age of the masses.”


“They prostrate themselves before anything, well, massive.”


“And also in politics, where the statesman responsible

for constructing the biggest Babel is called great.”


“While we can rest secure in the old belief

that only a great idea can bestow greatness

on deed or cause.”






Wherever the spirit of industry

triumphs over the aristocratic spirit

woman aspires to the economic and legal independence of a clerk.


‘Erica-the-Cleric’, stands inscribed over the portal of our modern society.


There has been an almost masculine stupidity about this movement

of which real women, that is to say clever women, are heartily ashamed.

There has been a desire to make woman more cultivated

as if history had not declared that to cultivate anything

is to make it weaker.


That in woman which inspires respect is her ‘nature’,

which is more ‘natural’ than that of man,

her beast-of-prey suppleness and inner savagery.


Woman is being divested of her enchantment.


Europe, O’ Europe…

No Goddess lies concealed within this crazy notion.

It is just an idea, and a thoroughly modern idea at that!




Odyssian Airs…


The spirit most resmbles a stomach.

Its intent is always the assimilation of new experience,

according to its digestive capacity.


The free spirit,

that discarder of cloaks and masks,

is endowed with brutal honesty.


To return man back to nature,

to confront man with man

as man confronts the rest of nature,

with dauntless eyes

and ears deaf to the piped strains

of ‘better’ and ‘more’ and ‘above’…


That is the task!