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The plight of Black-Conn…

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I, alone with

White Feline

Each of us

One of a kind


Her mind on

Hunting, set

Mine is on my

Pet subject


What a curious

Thing to see

Kept at task

So glad, we’ll be


Housed together

We sit and find

Grand amusements

For our mind


She with eye

Pressed to a nook

Me with nose

Buried in a book


When the mouse

Peeks from its den

Swift and sly

Is Feline then


I seek wisdoms

Day and night


Darkness into light.


So, in peace

Our trades we

Ply, White Feline

The cat, and I


Daily practice

Patience played

Feline’s perfect

In her trade


To draw the sense

From wisdoms high

My feeble wits

I’m wont to try


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Craft of the White-Crow…


Whiter than the swan on a lake

Whiter than the gull of the stream

Whiter than snow on the high-peak.


Like a wave of the sea from ebb to flood

Slender as the tall-birch, blowing…

Of a shape-sweet as full bodied clover, bobbing…

Of a colour-fair as summer’s bright morn, glowing…

Your presence, the dawning glory of the land.


Lovely the sun’s smile, rising…

Lovely the moon’s sheen, climbing…

 Lovely the stars gleam, shining…

 More lovely, the blush of your cheek.


Cusp of the Moon IV…


When ravens

In battle-torment

For torn-flesh fight…

 Morvran, my horse

Firm-hoofed in stance

 Is indisposed to flight.


 Splendid my saddle

  And bright never sore

Polished my ring,

  Blameless, pure.


 When ravens

Over battle-field

Scream for strife…

Dormath my hound

Noses the green floor

His red gaze to ground.


Escort am I

For the grave

East to West


North to South

Alive am I,

Safe in death…



Cusp of the Moon III…


O Leader of the way

Smooth your face

Fair your form

Graceful your motion

Like a white-headed gull

On the gently swelling ocean wave.


I lift up my hands

And raise my eyes.

I bend my knee

And bow my head.


O Guiding Jewel of the night.

O Beauty of the heavens.

O Majesty of the stars.


Many a one has passed beyond

Over the black-river of the abyss

In the space between your two horns

But if you find me well tonight

May you leave me seven times better

And without harm.


May your face come through thick clouds.

May your course smooth my path.

May your light to me be fair.


O Bright Virgin

Of the silver-misted hair.


Peace on Earth– #writephoto


The pillow resembles an open book

Its leaves shall shadow my dreams

As tree-leaf dapples sunlight.


The night and day

Shall entwine in these pages

As vine creeps around trunk.


The body of my bed

Is a casket poised to shut

Pod-like I shall journey

To the stars and beyond

In my wooden vessel.



Religious Syncretism? IX…


“Do we know who the the author is?”

“Do we ever know who the author is?”

“Do we know who the author is purported to be?”

“Gilgamesh existed as the legendary protagonist in a number of Sumerian poems long before ‘his story’ was turned into an ‘epic poem’.”

“So who turned it into an epic poem?”

“The compiler of the first ‘epic’ now referred to as the Old Babylonian Version is unknown.”

“And the later version?”

“Five hundred years after the Old Babylonian version had been circulated a ‘scholar-priest’ called Sin-leqi-unninni revised and elaborated it.”

“Another name to conjure with.”

“Sin-leqi-unninni’s epic is now regarded as the Standard Version.”

“And in some quarters, at least, he is regarded as a genius with greater psychological acumen than Carl Gustav Jung.”

“Well, he was a priest.”

“A proper priest.”