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Odyssian Airs…


The spirit most resmbles a stomach.

Its intent is always the assimilation of new experience,

according to its digestive capacity.


The free spirit,

that discarder of cloaks and masks,

is endowed with brutal honesty.


To return man back to nature,

to confront man with man

as man confronts the rest of nature,

with dauntless eyes

and ears deaf to the piped strains

of ‘better’ and ‘more’ and ‘above’…


That is the task!


A dollop of gruel…


The hour grows late.

The shadows lengthen.

As ever that supernatural fear

of the savage holds sway.

It calls us to the compound to watch it prowl.

We see it reflected in our eyes.

All we designate high culture comes from that gleam.

We glorify it and call it God.

Yet, still fearful, we seek to swipe it from the face of the earth.

Without that glint what remains to serve up for our delectation?



A Multi-Coloured Dream-Coat? …


In the starry realms

Two suns often determine

The course of a single planet.


So, too for ‘modern man’

Whose actions can be

Determined by more than one ‘morality’.


Thus, we shine…

One moment with this colour

And now, with another.


There may be even cases

where our actions become multi-hued…