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Dear Don: Dorcas…

France & Vincent

Dear Don ,sheffield chesterfield hare 537

Well, we may have thought we’ve done little more than assimilate and read from the fabled Book this weekend, but over 1500 pictures say otherwise… I’d lost track of half of what we’ve managed to do till I looked… for a leisurely weekend we did manage to pack quite a bit in!

Granted, I started solo on the way up, contrary to express instructions… I repeated the mantra all the way up the motorway… “ I will not go finding things…” But as I explained… it was the pigeon that made me do it. And with Breedon being so close to my unplanned exit from the motorway, it would have seemed impolite not to call in at the church… At least we know with all the Saxon carvings and the location we really do need to go there properly.

Then there was Bakewell and the Holy Well……

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Contexts: kingship…

The Silent Eye


Kingship was the only form of government in Ancient Mesopotamia.

It was ordained by the Gods for the guidance and prosperity of people and cities, to maintain order and to protect the wealth in society.

Among the kingly duties were military leadership, priestly functions, law-giving and city building.

When kingship broke down so did law and order, with terrible consequences.


 … “We are talking ‘Divine Kingship’ here, are we not?” asks Wen.

“Possibly… Possibly, not. It is not exactly clear is it? One thing is apparent though.”

“Oh yes?”

“At this juncture in time the institution was already ancient.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“The kingly duties listed here would originally have fallen to different individuals.”

“You mean, our king has been busy usurping the functions of his ruling elite?”

“Something like that.”

“Naughty, naughty, Mister Kingship!”

“Indeed! In cases such as these we may even have to…

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Linking the Chain II…


“The Elements, then, were not links in a simple chain but acted more as ‘inherent principles’ within the chain as a whole…”



“Similarly, the perfected parts of inanimate nature, operated at heights far removed from what might be termed the lower specimens of the animate classes…”



“The stars and constellations were linked, not with plants and beasts but, with angels.” …



The Tower – spiral #writephoto

Down and down…

and round and round

the baked stone

like a desert in hot sun.


Up and up…

and round and round

the twisting steps

an intricacy of tortured mind.


Once more at the top

a thought, I forgot

to ask the question…

Would intelligence create

a world to berate such remiss?


Or would it instead

simply remove the head

and carry on walking?


Down and round

and round and up

a sound of diamond white

encrusted light and dark blue…


And through and out

into that white

with flight

to soar up and…

up into the new.

Glaston weekend 069

Thursday photo prompt – spiral #writephoto


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Rowan Barbrook (47)

Dear Don,

Well, that particular text, really, because we had just been back to the place it all began… so The Initiate just demanded to be read again… I still can’t believe we lived half the stuff in that book!

Okay, the file in the tart was probably just a sop to my conscience…

As to the ‘Stane’… which obviously has a spirit all its own… I cannot imagine the locals relinquishing it a second time…

Interesting about Fergus Mac Roigh’s stone… if it was his own gravestone, then yes, it would have undoubtedly been somewhere more remote than a churchyard in the time of legend… and, I have to ask, what was he doing with a grave marker if he was still living? That throws up some interesting ideas… Was he alive but well prepared? Or dead and revenant? Or both, neither and Other?

I don’t remember having read…

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