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Somewhere in the world,​ there is a child seeking hope: Why we’re creating

Not Tomatoes

Somewhere in the world, right now, there is a ten-year-old child sitting at a desk. Her hand is drawing the dreams of her mind, while her ears half-listen to the lesson of her teacher. For a moment, her eyes lift towards the window and her heart fills with a deep longing to find her place in a world that does not feel like home.

Somewhere in the world, right now, there is a fourteen-year-old boy so troubled by the injustices he perceives around him, he is contemplating the end of his life. He has no true friends and is misunderstood by his parents and teachers. Every day he is tormented for being unlike those around him.

At this very moment, there is a child being born into this world. A child who will face a foreign landscape as she seeks the familiar. This child is filled with gifts she can…

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Have you danced today?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Friedrich Nietzsche

I came across the Nietzsche quote, remembering that I first read it years ago in his Zarathrusta, a book much in fashion in my youth. I was struck even then, armed with too few years and too little experience of life to really understand the book, by the way the man encapsulated snippets of wisdom in what would today be classed as soundbites. I am no expert on his philosphy but this I cannot help but agree with.

The quote here is incomplete… and the second part puts it into greater context for me:

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.”

Although Nietzsche loved to dance and found in it his expression of ‘divine service’, I don’t think dance was all he was really talking about…

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A right royal visit…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

A few days after the Jewel in the Claw, I was lucky enough to have a visit from the queen. Not, I hasten to add, the one who currently wears the crown, but from my friend who had played Elizabeth I at the workshop, along with the gentlemen who had embodied the characters of ‘Sir Walter Raleigh’ and ‘ Dr Dee’.

After a long, leisurely dinner, listening to tales of the original Renaissance Faire, of which all three had been a part, and catching up with stories shared by friends normally separated by the Atlantic, we met up next morning. We started with a brief hello to my son, then paid a visit to a favourite chapel to see the medieval wall paintings.

The peace and simplicity of the little chapel stood in stark contrast, though, to the opulence of the rest of the day, for next we…

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Ship of Fools – a Sonnet for the Playwright

The Silent Eye

“What’s that?” The gentleman standing beside me eyed the scroll in my hand.  We had just completed the final ritual of Jewel in the Claw, the five-act workshop written by Steve and set in Elizabethan England. Steve had played Shakespeare… as well as nobly fulfilling the role of Cecil when one of our Companions had been unavoidably unable to join us.

As is customary, we were gathering on the staircase. Being amongst the first to leave the Temple, I was in prime position at the head of the stairs and could command attention when all were assembled. Steve would be amongst the last to leave and, therefore, there would be no escape…

Drawing myself grandly to my full height, which still left me a foot or so shorter than my companion, I brandished the sealed and beribboned scroll…

“I have written a sonnet for the Bard…”

Ship of Fools


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An Orcadian Diary (2) Before History

Sun in Gemini

Child Archeologist smaller

Continued from Part One

And now we should go back to an older time – a much older time – to flesh out the story of the islands of Orkney, north-east of the Scottish mainland.

The man in the picture is Gordon Childe. It’s 1927. He’s the newly-appointed Abercrombie Professor of Prehistoric Archeology at the University of Edinburgh. The photo shows him emerging from the first formal excavation of an ancient settlement named Scara Brae.

He’s an Australian and a Marxist, though his knowledge and insight have gained him an international reputation for other types of revolution. The depth of his understanding of ancient peoples is the reason he has been appointed to oversee the work at Scara Brae by the conservative Edinburgh establishment. He’s not frightened of proposing things that upset his fellows in the field… and he’s about to propose something truly shocking about Scara Brae…

Scara Brae…

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WHAT’S UP DOC? Lines of communication V…

The Silent Eye


…Cara… ‘I reign over you, saith the God of Justice.




Move therefore and show yourselves.

Appear unto us; open the mysteries of your Creation, the balance of

Righteousness and Truth.’


Bugs: The three names are the Angels who rule over the Tablet of Union in the Enochian System devised by Doctor John Dee and Edward Kelley…

Cara: So, some questions… What are Angels? Anybody… (discuss)

Bugs: Who numbers them? (we do…)

Cara: Who gives them names? (we do…)

Bugs: What is the Angelic function?

Cara: So… Horizonal polarity, the mundane oppositions of the world which as we have seen are interchangeable and are ever flipping, versus… Vertical polarity… World/Otherworld… Heaven/Earth… Human/Divine, we’d like to propose two definitions.

Bugs: Horizontal Polarity encompasses, ‘Everything we know or think we know.’ … which is mutable.

Cara: Vertical Polarity encompasses, ‘Everything we don’t know or don’t think…

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Introducing The Labyrinth, Six Warriors of Light & A Vision For Children Of All Ages

Not Tomatoes

Six years ago I went into meditation with this one question, “How can I help kids embrace their truths without fear?” I then closed my eyes.

The first guide appeared as a monarch butterfly. She wore the colors of fire, of light and of creation. It took some time, months actually, to get her name. Aponi. And in that time others appeared. Six in total. Three boys. Three girls. Young adolescences who bore human forms with the ability to transform into their power animals. All different, yet connected. They called themselves “Warriors of Light.” Six teens with extraordinary gifts trying to live ordinary lives, while being tasked with a mission much greater than their individual selves.

Warriors of Light: The Laby Soon to be released…

I’d like to introduce you to the book they brought forth through me. The Labyrinth, the first in our Warriors of Light series. The book is due to be released…

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The White Rabbit Comes, Beware!


vintage-1793185__480.jpg Prawny, Pixabay

 “Time slips through my fingers like water, its elasticity is the secret to existence” uttered the White Hare.

I thought about this and then abandoned any attempt to make sense of it. It’s been a while since we two met up. Our encounters are always tinged with a hint of the surreal. You could say the Hare brings with him a memory of the world when all things were possible. When dreams were manifested in the silvery light of the Moon. My thoughts slide down the wormhole, sorry, I mean to say rabbit hole. This usually results in chaos and havoc being heaped upon an already bewildered mind. Where is this encounter leading?

The Hare holds up his fob watch, urging me to look at the hands. They swirl like a vortex. Back to the wormhole I see.

I’m Alice to his White Rabbit. I’m Theseus to his…

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Jewels in the Claw (4)

The Silent Eye

Tudor Rose for SE18 jpg copy

Continued from Part Three.

The line of packing cases is nearly complete. The man looks down at the three chairs in the East, one white, one purple and one red. The symbolism of the outer two was plain: the Tudor colours, central features of the royal Tudor Rose – the white of House York merged with the red of House Lancaster. Queen Elizabeth had inherited a peaceful kingdom, but those who built it lived in times that were anything but peaceful…

The middle chair comes alive in his mind; the Queen in the fullness of her power, prepared and majestic, older in wisdom than most in the Court… but vulnerable in her own way. The dream… the dreadful dream.

Was its recall connected with the mysterious and currently invisible Count Mortido and Countess Libido? It does not matter – what matters is that when Act One was drawing to…

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On the road again…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

How much can you really manage to do on a warm, sunny weekend? It is surprising how obliging time can be when it is limited. We do not rush, we are never hurried, but we do seem to manage to stretch the time we share in the landscape. We only had the same amount of time as one of our landscape workshops with which to play… although our efforts took us over a far wider area than we would cover on a workshop!

Technically, we could have had another day, but as my granddaughters decided to get chickenpox and request my presence, and I had to be back at work too, we had just two and a half days for our research trip for the upcoming workshops. So, we started in London, with a trip to the British Museum’s Sumerian section to get pictures for next April’s workshop, Lord…

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